If you’ve got any questions or queries about using Real Smile, take a look below and find answers to the most common ones we’re asked! We’ll help you understand what Real Smile is, how it works, and how to get the most from your personalised emoticons and our fun instant messaging app. Don’t see an answer to your question? Just get in touch with us at

What is the Real Smile App?

With the Real Smile App, you can turn your own face into an emoticon, or as we call it, a ‘Realmoticon’. Chatting and instant messaging is so much more fun when you can express your emotions with your own, real feelings! Plug your custom emoticons into iMessage, or chat instantly with Android friends via the Real Smile app. You can even add all sorts of characteristics to your mini face, such as: a moustache, beard, hearts in your eyes or tears from your eyes. You can also upload a ‘normal’ photo into the Real Smile App, which you can adjust in different ways, and for example, use as your background.

How much does the Real Smile App cost?

The Real Smile App is available for FREE in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. You’ll get lots of options to customise your emoticons to begin with, and can add even more characteristics, styles and features with our packages and bundles – with new options added all the time!

How do I make my own emoticons?

Just take a picture of your face – pulling it in whatever way you like – and then scroll through hundreds of styles and characteristics and add what you’d like to show friends how you’re feeling. And hey presto, your own realmoticon!

Which download do I need?

If you’re using an iPhone with iOS10 or higher, and would like to use your own custom emoticons in iMessage to send to other iPhone users, you’ll need the iMessage download. If you want to chat to friends across all Apple and Android devices, or if you’re on an Android operating system – you should get the full Real Smile App download.

What’s the difference between the iMessage download and the Real Smile app?

The only difference is that if you have an iPhone, you can import all your personal emoticons into iMessages and share them with other iPhone users. The Real Smile app can be used on all Apple and Android devices to chat instantly with friends and family. It’s just like Whatsapp, but with your own personal emoticons and loads more fun!

Where does the name come from?

The name kind of speaks for itself: the emoticons you express with Realmoticons are “real” and they’re often very funny which can make you smile! So we thought: Real Smile!

How did the idea come about?

We were chatting with each other via the regular chatting apps, and we realized that there was no way to really express your emotions, except via video chat maybe. We noticed that a lot of regular emoticons don’t really reflect how you feel at certain moments, and were becoming very boring. Then we thought: why not make our own faces into emoticons; Realmoticons!

How can I print my Realmoticons?

When the option to save Real Smile pictures and Realmoticons is enabled, all the Realmoticons and pictures you create with the Real Smile App will be saved to your photo archive. Then you can sync them with your computer or a mobile printer to print as many as you like.

What other services are you compatible with?

Currently, you can invite your friends via the ‘invite friends’ option, which allows you to place a standardized message with a link to the App store on your or someone else’s profile. Going forward, we plan on supporting additional services. All new service features and updates will be announced here.

How does privacy work?

For the answer to this question we kindly refer you to our Privacy Policy, which you can also find on our website. If you have any questions, please ask us via: .

Who can see my Realmoticons?

Anyone who has your phone number in their phone and has installed the Real Smile App can see the Realmoticon you use as your profile picture. A person can only see your other Realmoticons when you use them in a chat conversation with that person. If you choose to share your Realmoticons or pictures on our website, everyone can see them.

Can I print my Realmoticons?

When the option to save Real Smile pictures and Realmoticons is enabled, all the Realmoticons and pictures you create with the Real Smile App will be saved to your photo archive. Then you can sync them with your computer or a mobile printer to print as many as you like.

When are you going to release the Real Smile App for Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPad, etc.? Currently we’re focusing on bringing the best possible experience with the Real Smile App to iPhone and Android. Later we’ll be considering other platforms for expansion, and we’ll let you know here when we do!

How do I report offensive content?

We ask that all people follow our Terms of Use. If you encounter someone on RealSmile who’s not following these guidelines or Terms, you can report that person’s posts directly from RealSmile. People can report abusive behavior or posts with our built-in reporting. This includes nudity, sexually explicit realemoticons, abuse and excessive spam. Reporting is totally anonymous. No information about the reporter is sent to the person whose account or photo has been reported.

→ To report a realemoticon or avatar in the chat conversation:
Tap on the realemoticon or avatar and a full screen page will appear. If you click on the button on the right down corner, you can choose among other options “Report realemoticon”; after that you will need to select a reason.

→ To report a text message:
Tap on the chat bubble and the report option will appear.

A moderation team from RealSmile will verify all reported content and if it violates our Terms of Use, the content will be removed from RealSmile. Please also talk to your kids and educate them about internet safety. If you or they’re experiencing abuse from other people on RealSmile, ask them to use the blocking or reporting option in the contact details screen of the offensive user.

Which type of content is acceptable for Real Smile? Can I be sure that other people don’t abuse my Realmoticons?

The following types of content are not acceptable for Real Smile, and may be reported for removal. When content is reported, this will not automatically be removed.

  1. 1. Harassment and Bullying. We feel really strongly about the freedom of speech and opinion. We however do not tolerate harassment and bullying. Please treat everyone with respect.
  2. 2. Threats and Violence. We do not allow expressions of violence, especially when they are very graphic, and when the violence is encouraged or glorified. It is not allowed to express (threats with) violence to any individual or group, and/or to cause physical or mental harm to others.
  3. 3. Self-harm. It is not allowed to encourage self-harm, eating disorders or alcohol and hard drug abuse in any way.
  4. 4. Graphic Content. Graphic material of any kind that is posted to provoke is not permitted. There may be instances where graphic content is permitted in acceptable contexts. For example, a picture in which the prophet Mohammed is ridiculed, is not allowed.
  5. 5. Hate Speech. Every person has the right to express himself, even his points of view are not mainstream. We however do not allow speech which attacks or demeans a group based on for instance ethnic origin, race, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  6. 6. Nudity. It is not allowed to place content in which sexual or pornographic content is shown.
  7. 7. Identity and Privacy. It is not allowed to use content that is personal/private and is published without their consent. This includes but is not limited to: telephone numbers; email addresses; home addresses; bank details; financial information; social security numbers; passport or ID information.
  8. 8. Legal. It is not allowed to publish content that breaks the law or tells or encourages others to break the law. This includes defamation (libel), contempt of court and breach of copyright.

Please note that the foregoing list is not limitative. Any content that is not in accordance with the purpose of the Real Smile App can be removed by Real Smile, and lead to the removal of your profile.

In case you can’t find your answer here, please inform us via .